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 Levels of decay are strongly linked to social background and poverty.  

  • Draw up plans to distribute thousands of free toothbrushes and toothpaste to children, 2 to 4 times per year in deprived areas.

Education to prevent baby bottle tooth decay (bbtd) .. needed !

‘bbtd’ in toddlers is attributed to overuse and improper use of a baby bottle for feeding (e.g. leaving a baby bottle in baby’s mouth over-night, etc.)

Pediatric physicians, family doctors, school health nurses, head-start program directors, dental clinics need to educate & warn, soon to be parents, about ‘bbtd’ and prevention.

Data from the California Oral Health Needs Assessment ‘93-‘94 shows an equally high incidence of ‘bbtd’ in head start children living in both fluoridated and non- fluoridated regions.

Early tooth care education by Parents to Children is the main answer to preventing early childhood caries !

Parents should get updated Dental Care EDUCATION at:

  • the Hospital during PreNatal Training Classes.
  • at  each appointment they might have with a Dentist. 
  • at annual PTA meeting headlining a special emphasis on Childrens’ Dental Care. 

Water fluoridation does not reduce the incidence of bbtd !

NO! on … fluoridation !

Why Teeth Get Dark
There are many causes. The most common include genetics, aging, consumption of staining substances (smoking, coffee, tea, colas), tetracycline (antibiotic) staining, excessive fluoride, and old fillings. Whitening toothpaste can remove stain that is on the outside of the teeth. Dentists call this extrinsic staining. However, whitening toothpaste and professional dental cleanings will not change the color or intrinsic staining of the teeth. That is why tooth whitening (sometimes called tooth bleaching) is so popular, but not affordable to majority.