Invest a couple of hours in Learning How & Why Europe is Winning at reducing Cancer & Heart Disease as compared to American Death Rates Soaring from these two major categories of Disease.Phillip Day’s new Book HEALTH WARS has a new extensively researched Chapter on the Dangers of Fluoridation of Drinking Water and of fluorides used in other products.  Europe is 98% so called ‘fluoridation’ free!Meet, Listen to and dialogue with:

Phillip Day

International researcher, journalist, and author.

His Life-Saving Presentation is entitled: 

 – Health Wars –

        Is Our Technology Killing 


Learn How to Prevent:

·        Cancer by adding an inexpensive natural ingredient to your diet,

·        Heart disease (the number one killer) ,

·        Alzheimer’s in your later years,

·        Harmful toxins from entering your body and causing numerous illnesses and diseases.

 This and other potentially life-saving information will be presented by Phillip Day – United Kingdom’s renowned author, lecturer, and health reporter.  With over 16 years of research in the health field, foreign journalist Phillip Day shares some startling facts about today’s most concerning health issues including flouride.  He’ll provide answers about many life-threatening diseases, their treatment, and prevention. He’ll also explain how you can win the “health war,” and what role nutrition may play in your fight.  

Date:    September 5, 2001   (Wednesday)

Time:   7:00 p.m. presentation

Place:   Modesto Centre Plaza, Pistache Room

                 1000 K Street, Modesto

Cost:    Tickets are $10 in advance, or $15 at the 


          To register, phone 209-848-0557 or

                    [email protected] 

Sponsored by: 


Modesto-CA &  Northern California Health & Food EVENTS

To: Northern California Institute of Food Technologists and ALL… Welcome!

Supplier’s Expo event information [recap below] is on the web at:

Fluoride is an Enzyme and Endocrine disrupting Chemical.  Seminar 05/06/00. 

 Symposium on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Please join us for an important briefing on a crucial environmental health issue: endocrine
disruptors. The event is free and open to the public.

Increasing evidence in wildlife and in humans indicates that some synthetic chemicals interfere with normal hormone function by mimicking, blocking, or otherwise interfering with the action of naturally occurring hormones in the body. Endocrine disruptors are implicated in a wide range of health effects which may be irreversible, from reproductive dysfunction in men and women, certain cancers, immune system impairment, birth defects, and neuro-developmental disorders. 

Saturday May 6, 2000
10:00 AM -1:00 PM
The Women’s Building
3543 18th St., San Francisco CA

Between Valencia and Guerrero 
Wheelchair Accessible 
Walking distance to the 16th Street BART Station 
Fragrance-Free Event 
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Confirmed speakers:

Gina Solomon, M.D., MPH, Senior Scientist
Natural Resources Defense Council, San Francisco
Author of Generations at Risk : Reproductive Health and the Environment 

Marc Lappé, Ph.D., Director
Center for Ethics and Toxic Substances, Gualala CA
Author of Against the Grain : Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food / and
Chemical Deception: The Toxic Threat to Health and the Environment. 

Davis Baltz, M.S., Senior Associate
Commonweal, Bolinas CA 
Jacquee Castain 

Symposium Objectives:

Provide an overview of the science about endocrine disruption. 
Analyze the implications for risk assessment as practiced today. 
Examine the regulatory environment. 
Strategize about effective citizen action which will reduce exposure. 

The primary organizers are the Sierra Club’s San Francisco Bay Chapter, the Ecology Center,
and Commonweal.

For more information: 

Blake Brown
Sierra Club, SF Bay Chapter, Toxics Chair