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“Endangered River Fish” from Fluoridation !

 Probable Scenario if “Fluoridation of Modesto, CA drinking water” issue passes Modesto City Council VOTE:    85-95% of Fluoride Treated Water (piped) will Return to the Modesto Waste Water Treatment PLANT (i.e. the “Sewer Farm”), and subsequently be pumped into the San Joaquin River.  If the River is to low, the processed waste water will be pumped from Ponds to nearby Agricultural lands.

    Recently, thousands of Salmon fingerlings have been planted in the nearby Toulumne River.  They will swim to the San Joaquin River and further to the Ocean.  Then, hopefully they will return up the Delta water and through the San Joaquin River to Toulumne beds for their Spawning new Generation of Salmon Fish. See the Details of the Salmon study on 300,000 Tagged Salmon at:


Yet, Consider What Fluoride dumped into Rivers Does to “Kill” Salmon & Other Fish: For more information about the Vernalis Adaptive Management Plan go online at:


…and another Research Review about “at risk” Salmon:


Fluoride Vol.27 No.4 220-226 1994
(reprinted with permission) 

Presented at the XXth Conference of the International Society for Fluoride
Research, Beijing, China, September 1994.
by Richard G Foulkes and Anne C Anderson
Abbotsford BC, Canada, and Bellingham WA, USA 

SUMMARY: A review of Literature and documentation suggests that concentrations of fluoride above 0.2 mg/L have lethal (LC50) effects on and inhibit migration of “endangered” salmon species whose stocks are now in serious decline in the US Northwest and British Columbia. Fluoride added to drinking water, “to improve dental health”, enters the fresh water eco-system, in various ways, at levels above 0.2 mg/L. This factor, if considered in “critical habitat” decisions, should lead to the development of a strategy calling for a ban on fluoridation and rapid sun setting of the practice of disposal of industrial fluoride waste into fresh water.  See “Effects of Fluoride on Fish Passage” details at:


Will SALMON in San Joaquin River Survive Fluoride Pollution caused by Storm Runoff & Wastewater Treatment gallons pumped into River ?

0.2-1.5mg, or less Fluoride per Liter of River Water Lethal to Salmon in N.W. !

Study the Life Cycle of the Chinook Salmon beginning at the following Site [click-on–>] :


Want to know more about the recent Central Valley Rivers and Delta WATER Problems, Go to the following Site and Read about Water for Agriculture, and the “endangered Fish” articles.


Believe there are beautiful FISH in the DELTA?   Wanna know why We care to Protect the Central Valley Rivers & Delta from Pollution?  Take a long look at this FISH caught in the Delta at:


Recent Court Order: “…Avg. Citizen could more bear Responsibility for Reducing Water Pollution”…

In a significant ruling that means average citizens could more bear more responsibility for reducing water pollution, a federal judge has upheld the right of the U.S. EPA to set limits for river pollution caused by runoff from logging, agriculture, and urban areas. 

Farm and timber groups argued in a lawsuit that the EPA could only regulate industrial waste and sewage, pollution that comes from so-called point sources, like pipes.  But the court ruled that the EPA has the authority to set limits for water pollution from nonpoint sources, such as runoff from pesticides and sediment from logging.

The EPA says runoff is the nation’s leading threat to water quality.

 A survey released yesterday by the National Wildlife Federation found that 
three-fourths of the states are failing to address water pollution caused by runoff from farms and forests. 

straight to the source: Las Vegas Sun, Associated Press, 04.06.00 

Even low levels of common pesticides can disturb the ability of 
salmon to smell, possibly reducing their chances of survival, 
according to research by the National Marine Fisheries Service. 
Salmon rely heavily on smell to help determine friends, even mates, 
from foes, and it may be the primary sense the fish use to navigate 
back to their home streams from the sea. In the past, safe pesticide 
levels for fish have been determined by lethality tests, but 
environmentalists say the new research shows that the levels must be 
set much lower. Two enviro groups last week said they would sue the 
U.S. EPA unless the agency developed stricter limits. They contend 
that other efforts to protect salmon, such as habitat restoration and 
perhaps even dam breaching, might all be for naught unless the 
pesticide problem is resolved.

straight to the source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Lisa Stiffler, 08.01.00


eMail, Write a Letter, Call on the Phone or See in Person Mayor Sabatino and the Modesto City Council Councilmembers.  Tell them Why the Salmon in the San Joaquin River and Delta waters are endangered…at RISK ! …if Modesto dumps Fluoride ‘soup’ including Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, etc. treated Waste Water into the San Joaquin River.  

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