Health Dangers


(Excerpts from published Peer Reviewed Tests)

Fluoride facts

  Fluoride is more toxic than lead, even in minute doses, accumulates in and is damaging to brain/mind development of children, i.e. produces abnormal behavior in animals and in humans.  

  Fluoridation is Cancer causing.   Dr. William Marcus, senior science advisor at Office of Drinking Water / Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Washington, D.C.  stated unequivocally in his May Day memo that fluoride is a carcinogen.   Full text of memo available at 800-728-3833.

 Numerous studies, including four published in Journal of American Medical Association since 1990, have found that hip fracture rates are substantially higher in people residing in fluoridated habitats.

 Dental fluorosis, the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning, affects from 8% to 51% of children drinking fluoridated water. Dental fluorosis is more than cosmetic harm, its psychological harm.  It's indicative of neurological impairment.

 All the recent large scale studies on fluoridation and tooth decay show that fluoridation does not reduce tooth decay.  Studies from New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and the USA have confirmed no difference in decay rates for permanent teeth of habitants of fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated communities.

 Fluoride drops and tablets are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug administration as safe and effective.  Ingested fluoride has no detectable effect on decay rates.  Fluoride tablets and drops have been shown to be ineffective in reducing tooth decay and to cause skin eruptions, gastric distress, headaches, weakness - which disappears when fluoride use is discontinued - as well as dental fluorosis, a permanent disfigurement.

 Fluoride causes iodine deficiency, which can result in hypothyroidism and frequently to hyperthyroidism.  During pregnancy, when iodine requirements are at their peak, the fetus is especially vulnerable.  Even a slightly under-functioning thyroid gland can result in loss of IQ in the newborn.

    Japan and 98% of Europe have rejected the addition of fluoride to their public water supplies.

     Santa Cruz, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Escondido and over 70 other California cities have rejected water fluoridation.

     The UNION which consists of and represents ALL Biologists, Chemists, Toxicologists, and Engineers at the EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C., voted unanimously to take a stand against fluoridation.

      Carbon and most Home water filters will not remove fluoride !  Only Reverse Osmosis (RO) Units or Distillation have been shown to remove Fluoride Ion.

       Over 50 years of fluoridation statistics show NO significant decrease in tooth decay from ingested fluoride !

Let’s STOP this Insanity for Fluoridation NOW !