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Thank You!…Voters in Modesto, California for your 61% ballot Vote of November 6, 2001 to STOP any proposed fluoridation program, and to Refuse-To-Pay for any increase in Water Bills to Pay for any proposed ‘fluoridation’ program.  Many Thanks to you, if you voted ‘No!’, for your ability to see through 50+ years of ‘entrenched error’ by understanding recent ‘peer-reviewed Science’,  and to campaign with ‘team spirit’ for truthscience and above all, common sense.  It just does not make sense to medicate the citizenry through the public water supply.  And, you’ve managed to Save the Citizens of Modesto from an ‘impractical’ & ‘wasteful’ spending of a minimum of $5 million dollars over 10 years.

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ead why fluoride from HFSA in Drinking Water causes Chronic health diseases.  Millions of USA Citizens are at RISK, especially Children!    Read REAL ‘peer reviewed’ evidence in the —>

Print these Reports out. Share with Friends, Neighbors, Politicians and your Dentist or medical people.

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We, the Citizens For Safe Water, would like to express our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to those who experienced a tremendous loss on Sept. 11, 2001.

American Water Works Assn. ‘Water Conservation’ pamphlet indicates less than 1% of utilities treated tap water is ever swallowed by humans.  So, if a City spends $5 million over 10-yr Contract…does it make sense that probably $4,950,000 of fluoridation chemicals and efforts will just go down the drain to the cities waste water treatment plant? 

CONCLUSION:  Fluoridation is the worlds Most COSTLY, Wasteful, Ineffective Medicant Delivery System on the face of this Earth !

200-400,000 TONS PER YEAR of ‘fluorosilicates’ [ EPA classified ‘Hazardous Waste’ ] is metered into our precious Drinking Waters.  Fluoridated Cities buy HFSA at around $1.50 / gallon…in total, 100’s of Millions of Dollars wasted annually in the USA!

The Public needs to be aware the ‘pharmaceutical grade’ fluoride placed in toothpaste is not the same ingredient proposed to be injected into our drinking water.  Read the ‘Warning Label’ on your toothpaste package!   

DANGER!…Never swallow any  Fluoride !

Swallowed fluoride is of No benefit in preventing tooth decay.

–Journal American Dental Association, July 2000

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Please SIGN this  worldwide   “Stop Fluoridation Now!” PETITION 

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Our Public Water Supply should be SAFE for ALL!

A Vote ‘No‘ Demands Your Constitutional Freedom of CHOICE for CLEAN, Wholesome and SAFE Drinking Water! 

No! to ‘Mass Medication’ through our Drinking Water!

There shall be No Chemical in Drinking Water that adversely affects our Mental or Physical Health . . . Right ?

 Demand the TRUTH be Told about the ‘unapproved’ Phosphate Industry source of EPA rated Class 1 “hydrofluosilicic acid” “Hazardous Waste” (toxic soup) (90%, of which come from Florida) announced injected at many USA cities into Drinking Water.  Demand Federal laws be established guaranteeing ‘Full Disclosure’ to ALL Citizens in all those erroneously treated Cities!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not found or approved any fluoride compound to be safe and effective in Drinking Water !   The FDA has NOT Approved any Fluoride chemical for ‘mass medication‘ in Drinking Waters !!  The 1995 California Assembly Bill 733/law for fluoridation probably would not persist if tested in the Courts?  Write to your Congressional representatives to rescind CA AB733 !  Click here to goto CONTACTS page for addresses.

Fluoridation of Drinking Water in Modesto would have Cost a mandatory $5,000,000 possibly to an estimated $32,000,000 over 10 year Contract, if installed!  How many Teeth would that have SAVED???   Cost per tooth???  A ‘mass medication’ proven not to work, anyway?   Do the Math!  

Better Dental ‘Oral Care Alternatives’ exist at significantly ‘lower Cost’ compared to fluoride from an illicit source forcing ‘mind-boggling’ enormous expense.  

Protect our wholesome Waters from man-made Pollution !

Stanislaus County Government is our primary Provider of Gov’t. Health Programs financed by Tax-Payer dollars.  Citizens of the City of Modesto are major Contributors to Success of Stanislaus County.  The City does not and should not ‘duplicate’ these Health services, including proposed “mass medication – fluoridation” with HFSA injected into our Drinking waters.   Note:  Stanislaus County Health Dept. already runs a program for Public & Private Schools teaching ALL Children good ‘oral health’ care, and inspecting each childs teeth & gums.   Topical (not swallowed)‘fluoride treatment’ is offered and given only by written Consent of a Parent or Guardian.  An additional Fluoridated Drinking Water (swallowed) Program would be without Consent and considered by many to be unethical ‘mass medication’.

And, Why should water Ratepayers, Taxpayers, Bondholders have to Pay for two (2) fluoride treatment Programs???

Dental Societies & Communities spend hundreds of thousands promoting fluoridation; whereas a fraction of these monies could have easily built & paid for operation of state-of-the-art Dental facilities in each ‘fl’ town

  Local Dentists in cooperation with County Funding would do Better to Open optimum‘ FREE Dental Education Clinics for ALL the Citizens!  FREE Clinics could be at County facilities, mobile traveling to Public & Private Schools, Health Fairs, Meetings and/or rotate through ‘precinct’

neighborhoods.  Dentists could donate their office facilities once or twice a month in ‘rotation’ as volunteers to neighborhoods!

Many Question whether a City’s mission in managing their Water is to deliver the purest potable Water, or to attempt to ‘mass medicate’ its Citizens by injecting hazardous fluoride laden fluorosilicate chemicals into their Drinking Waters?

It is considered to be unethical  to add medication to a cities drinking water!

Most are in agreement that so called ‘fluoridation’ of a Water supply infringes on our Constitutional Rights guaranteeing ‘individual choice’ with rights of ‘individual Consent’.

rotect your Family from Phosphate Fertilizer Industry– Hydrofluosilicic acid (HFSA is an illicit source of Fluoride) mainly from Central Florida, voted to be put into our Modesto-CA, Salida & parts of Ceres Drinking & Tap Waters!  

There is not one ‘peer reviewed’, independent, comprehensive scientific test showing ‘fluoride’ illicitly sourced from the phosphate mining & fertilizer industries as ‘hydrofluosilicic acid’ or anhydrous ‘Sodium fluorosilicate’ to be Safe for any Drinking Water application!

Support, Dental Care Education for ALL!   Establish in all USA cities Dental Care Education for ALL Children under Six, and refresher course(s) for Parents to fill what we need!  Tooth decay Prevention through Education is needed.

FARMERS & RANCHERS  {<<Click On}  To See How Fluoridation of Stanislaus Waters possibly would Pollute & Accumulate onto Your Lands, and into Your Valuable Crops, or Bio-Accumulation in your Livestock, Poultry, or Aquaculture Farms.   Protect our underground Aquifers!

FREE!…special 16-pg Report   “Fluorides and the Environment”    …eMail  Your Request to …. [email protected]    << – Click On to eMail

Craft a short Anti-Fluoridation Memo, and Write to or Send Email to Your District and Governmental Representative.    <<—Click on this word

You’ll See that there are Hundreds of Better Alternative Solutions to Meet the GOAL for Children’s’ Dental Care than to Destroy the Local Eco-Systems and Pollute Human & Agricultural Food Chain Sources!

Need More Testimony  <<–Click here …read Dr. David Kennedy’s comprehensive Letter to define the TRUTH in a Santa Cruz, CA fluoridation controversy.  Santa Cruz City Council’s have voted 5 times over several years against fluoridation !