Groups at Risk

Human GROUPS At Risk

Pregnant Women

          Fluoride May Be Released From Bones If Plasma Calcium Is Low.

Fluoride Passes The Placental Barrier To The Developing Fetus.

The Developing Fetus

Behavior Disorders & Low IQ And Fertility Problems. 

Higher Prevalence Of Down’s Syndrome (Mongolism).

Chromosome Damage.

Paradoxical Effect.

Growing Evidence Of Brain Damage.

Children During Tooth Forming Years

Fluoride In Early Years (0 – 6 Years) Causes Dental Fluorosis (‘Mottling’).                              

 Sign Of Fluoride Poisoning And Enamel Damage (Hypocalcification) & Structural Weakness.

Males Under 20 Years Of Age

Increased Risk Of Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma).  Animal Studies (NTP) And Epidemiological Evidence ( 2 Studies ).

Malnourished Individuals

Low Intake Of Protein, Minerals (Calcium & Magnesium) And Vitamins, Especially Anti-Oxidants Vitamin C) Increase Fluoride Toxicity.

Immune system suppression may worsen poor immunity already present.

Elderly ( 65 and older )

Reduced kidney function leads to increased accumulation of fluoride.

Increased risk of hip fracture (proximal femur) (21%-86%). majority of published studies show relationship (7 out of 10).  Precautionary principle applies. 

Kidney Disease including those on hemodialysis.

Fluoride accumulation indicated by increased Bone Mineral Density.


Fluoride may boost diabetes.   Water intake may be elevated.

All Ages

Sensitivity reactions,

Goiter ( and hypothyroidism),




Depressed immune system.

Higher risk of cancer of all types.