Food Processors

Modesto/Stanislaus County Food Processors “At RISK!”

Prevent Fluoride (e.g. hydrofluosilicic acid) from getting into  their currently PURE  Water Systems ?

Because of the microbiological controls necessary to process Milk into a multitude of Cultured and non-cultured Dairy Products, the Milk & Cheese processing Companies will NOT want any bactericidal Fluoride Contaminant anywhere near their pasteurization or culturing equipment, and famously known & highly marketable Products.

The Milk Industry is the 2nd largest Agricultural contributor to Gross Income in the County!

Continue to ‘Save from harm’ the following Milk Industry Companies devoted to making Stanislaus the Leader in Dairy Industries:

Foster Farms Dairy Processing

San Joaquin Valley Dairymen Assn.

Ca Milk Producers Advisory Board

Hersheys Chocolate of CA, Inc.

Central Valley Dairymen, Inc.

Leprino Foods

Producers Dairy Foods Inc.

and many prominent, local Dairies supplying milk to worldwide famous Cheese Makers:

Beatrice Cheese Company

Beta Vista Farms

Central Valley Cheese

Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc.


California Milk Advisory Board

Ca Dairy Research Foundation

Dairy Council of California


Poultry Industries would be giving Fluoridated drinking water to Layers & Broilers…let’s hope NOT!  Other problems:

  • Fluoride affects on Egg Shell Quality?
  • Fluoridated water moving through aluminum piping, spilling in aluminum feed troughs?
  • Fluoridated water causing brain disease, or Leucosis (Poultry Cancer)?
  • Fluoride could reduce Yields (e.g. number Eggs / Day?
  • Fluoride could change feed conversion ratio towards more expense?
  • Fluoride increase Mortality rate?
  • Fluoride cause crippling leg bone diseases?

Stanislaus County lost Cal Egg / Salida in a move to Hilmar in 1999.  This accounted for most of a $48.6 million decline in County Ag revenues.  Let’s NOT lose another Poultry Enterprise because of thoughtless Fluoride Pollution threat !  See Details at:,1113,155082,00.html

Continue to ‘Save from harm’ the following Poultry Industry Companies devoted to making Stanislaus the Leader in Poultry Industries:

  • Haley’s Brooding Service
  • Foster Farm’s CONTRACT Growers
  • Mendes Squab & Game Ranch
  • Valley Fresh, Inc – CONTRACT Growers.  They are largest multi-farm & multi-plant egg packer & poultry foods Canner.  They DO NOT need fluoride in their Domestic and especially Export packs.
  • Cal Valley Farm Venture
  • Haney Egg Ranch
  • Nu Cal Foods Inc.
  • Nulaid Foods CONTRACT Growers.  Table Egg Packer & pasteurization of liquid egg products.  Would not want any Fluoride near their Pasteurization equipment or processes.  [Note: Table Egg Packers wash & sanitize their millions of Eggs and would NOT want Fluoride residue on the Egg Shells, or in the inner/top membrane of the eggs


California Poultry Industry Federation


           > Do NOT want fluoride in or on ‘cooling’ of their cans !

      > Some Canners have Wells on their Property, but ‘Shut Down’, and use direct City Water.

      > Will Canners have to build Lagoons per EPA rules to capture processing Waters runoff containing fluoride ?   Will they have to Hire pollution Experts (e.g. Consultants) to understand the ‘unfunded regulations’ forced upon their business practices? 

      > Help them AVOID Increased COSTS due to excessive Government Regulations!  More COSTS mean forced Pricing increases that drive a Company out of World Markets!

      > Will Canners have to explain to their Valuable Customers that Purchase & Test by Specifications why Fluoride shows up in ‘product pre-shipment’ Test(s)?  They DON’T need Product rejected!

      > Will there be Fluorine (gas) fumes in any quantity from Processing Waters (e.g. Raw Product washing, Canned  Product pasteurization) around hundreds of plant workers?  Canners DON’T Need extra Liability Factors to jeopardize employee Safety or Health  Suits!

Continue to ‘Save from harm’ the following CANNERS known worldwide for their Best QUALITY:

     Tri_Valley Growers incl. S&W Fine Foods

      Del Monte Cannery

      Pacific Coast Producers

      Stanislaus Food Products Company


California League of Food Processors

National Food Processors Assoc.

Institute of Food Technologists


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Continue to ‘Save from harm’ the following Wine Industries Companies devoted to making Modesto-CA /Stanislaus County the Leader in the WINE Industry:

  • Bronco Wine Company
  • Delicato Vineyards (contract Growers)
  • E & J Gallo Winery



California Central Valley Economic Development- Food Processors