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How many Gallons in 55 gallon drums, or ‘Tankers’, or railroad cars of  ‘hydrofluosilicic acid’ (FSA) might go to Waterford, CA where the Modesto Regional Water Treatment Plant is located?   HFSA is phosphate fertilizer manufacturing process waste product … CA classifies as ‘Hazardous Waste’ as derived from HAPS (i.e., Hazardous Air Pollution Scrubbers) processes … majority from Central Florida.

How much of the (HFSA), if brought into Waterford, CA  (where the Modesto Regional Water Treatment Plant is located) is actually toxic pollutant?



30,000,000 Million Gallons (if MID/City builds other half of plant design…top limit 60,000,000) raw WATER  processed per day by Modesto Regional Water Treatment Plant.  365 days year-around.  

1 milligram  is nearly equivalent to 1 milliliter (sometimes adjusting for specific gravity of liquid).

About 6.8 mg (or approx. 6.8 ml) of 23% FSA (hydrofluosilicic acid) is added per gallon of water to achieve fluoridation to 1.0 ppm . 

454.4 grams in a Pound, 454,400 milligrams per pound

8.4 lbs in a Gallon of Water (FSA more dense than Water, and finite Calc would adjust for       specific gravity)

55 Gal in a Drum, or 34 Gal in a Drum (drum size choice?)  A full 55 Gal drum weighs approx.= 462 lbs+  A 34 Gal drum weighs approx. 286 lbs+.  [Note: special ‘safety first ‘ drum handling equipment would be a requirement. ]

Need to find out if City is paying $0.45-0.50+ per Gallon or per Pound, or different Price per what Unit?  Does Price per Unit include Delivery/Freight/Handling Costs, or is $0.45-0.50+ just the Freight cost per unit?

For every 6,800 gallons of FSA, 5,800 gallons is toxic pollution (phosphate industries ‘cost effective means to dump pollution.  Their Slogan: ” The Solution To Pollution is Dilution! “)


   30,000,000+ gal / day x 6.8 mg/gal FSA /  = 204,000,000 mgs  FSA / day

 or reduce the 204,000,000 mgs / day divided by 454,000 mgs per lb. = 449.34 lbs. / DAY

449.34 lbs of 23% grade FSA x 365 days / yr = 164,009 lbs FSA / yr

so if there are approx. 8.4 lbs in a gallon, then

164,009  lbs 23% grade FSA / yr divided by 8.4 lbs / Gal FSA = 19,525 Gallons / Yr


19,525 Gallons divided by 55 Gal / Drum = 355+ Drums / Yr

19,525 Gallons divided by 34 Gal / Drum = 574+ Drums / Yr

Price per Gallon ?

Price per Drum ?

In addition, 80+ Wells throughout Modesto/Stanislaus County will have anhydrous Sodium Fluorosilicate; which will be added to each Well to attain 0.8-1.0 ppm of Fluoride Ion concentration.

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