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Prevent Fluoride from forever contaminating our underground water  supply !

Here’s How Modesto/Stanislaus County Agriculture Water Supply Can Get Contaminated With Fluoride :

Recent 1999 City of Modesto Water Division Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report indicates Modesto (Empire), Salida, Grayson, Waterford, Hickman, Turlock (parts of), and Ceres (5 wells) tested Fluoride-> Non  Detected.   So, consider that Stanislaus County, California is the major producer of Nut Crops, Milk, Poultry, Grapes and many other specialty Crops.   To date, these are ALL free of Fluoride contamination!  Let Us keep it that way!

Yet, if the Modesto City Council Votes “Yes” to start Fluoridating the avg. 25,000,000 gallons of Water treated, daily, by the Modesto Regional Water Treatment Plant…the Wastewaters (Piped) from Homes, Farms, Businesses, Food Processing plants, etc. in Stanislaus County will carry 90% Fluoride compounds back to the City of Modesto’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (let’s just call it the Sewer Farm!).

The Habitat wastewaters are piped to ‘clarifiers’ at the sewer farm located at 1221 Sutter Avenue for various treatment processes. 

There is a “micro-organism” process step that will probably cease to function correctly because of Fluorides bacteriostatic action.  Fluoride has a strong affinity for Organic matter!  In addition, the “algae process” in the holding ponds will become less viable due to Fluoride killing affect.

Then, after essentially cleaning the wastewaters, the water is pumped to storage ponds.  The Water is used to irrigate ranch pasture lands.  Also, where agricultural crops are grown, or cows are fed for the dairy industry, or it’s sent to the San Joaquin River.  There is a separate Fish Health problem from Fluoride in Rivers!  

There are 3 giant holding ponds (600 acres). It can take up to 6 months from time wastewater enters treatment plant until it reaches farmers/ranchers, or the river.

<-San Joaquin River [bottom right]

[ Observe the Cattle grazing on Pasture Lands from Irrigation Water pumped from a giant Pond! ]

Eventual Fluoride poisoning of Vineyards in and around Modesto Water Table

Nut & Fruit Trees at RISK from Fluoride Pollution?

Secondly, Modesto has unique storm drain systems (considered NOT Piped from human Habitats).  Storm drains are not connected to household sewer systems.  Storm drains (urban runoff) flow directly into waterways, rivers and some reaching the Pacific Ocean without Sewer Farm treatment.  Much of Storm Water seeps into the Water Table to build underground Water reserves for pumping.  Anywhere Fluoride treated Water used outdoors (e.g. Lawns, Auto washing, fire hydrant clearing, etc,) will put Fluoride Residues into the Storm drain System.  There appears to be essentially 3 types of ‘Urban Run-off ‘ Storm Drains:

  • Rockwells – 20’-75’ deep holes (count 10,500) fill with ‘untreated’ storm water. 
  • Positive storm drains – catch basins (count 14,000) connected to underground pipes eventually discharging into San Joaquin River or dry creek.
  • Retention basins – where untreated storm water collects until it soaks to deep underground or is pumped from basin bottom to a nearby canal, stream or river. Contaminants in this system affect our drinking water, irrigation water for trees & crops, and sensitive ecosystems. The water seeps into our extensive underground Water Table Storage.

  Farm & Ranch Wells  pump WATER from a hopefully Protected reserves in the underground Water Table .  They also obtain Water from M.I.D./T.I.D. Canal systems.

Prevent fluoridation! 

Jump To:  “CONTACTS “(<<–click-on)  page (below), and send eMail to Modesto Mayor Sabatino and ALL voting Councilmembers.  Or, see Them in Person, or Telephone them..since the VOTE of May 30th.

Ask the Farm Bureau, your Neighbors, and Other Organizations to say, 

” NO! … to Fluoridation ” 

Read about What Fluoride does to Grain/Hay Crop Yields at:

Let Us NOT fluoridate our waters!  This prevents fluoride from ever seeping down into our water tables.

Fluoride ‘accumulates” and does not dissipate!

Should fluoride ever get into our underground water table, it can never be removed!

Fluorides getting into our agricultural Crops and Industries would be economically disastrous !