What are & Where are Habitats ?

The region where a plant or animal naturally grows or lives; native environment.

The place where a person or thing is ordinarily found….and hopefully thrives for best Health!

Where in Stanislaus County?   For instance, where ever precious WATER is Served and Used:

  • Neighborhoods – 1,000’s of Homes – many with Babies 0 to 6 yrs old. Read Toothpaste WARNING Labels for “Under 2 yrs” and “2 to 6 yr olds”….at RISK Warnings!   
  • 25+ assisted living businesses – 
  • Grocery Stores – washed/spray vegetables
  • 100’s -Restaurants – glass pure water ?  Carbon Filters DO NOT remove Fluoride!
  • Educational Facilities – K1-12, High Schools, Jr. Colleges, State Colleges and Universities – places where IQ’s need to be Nurtured …NOT Damaged by Fluoride!
  • 20+ Hospitals / Medical Care Centers – with 1000’s of chemically sensitive Critical Care Patients!  Fluoride can interact with Prescription medicines in a very Negative way!
  • Agriculture — 1,000’s Farmers & Ranchers, and at Home ‘Organic’ Gardeners need Pure & Valuable Water to stay in Business in Stanislaus County.  Contaminating any of their Products is an Absolute NO!  The Modesto City Council should Reject the $800,000 “Carrot on a Stick” inducement from the ‘Fluoridation 2000 Group’ and retain & build Agriculture businesses with Products known as the Best in the World!
  •       Dairy Farms and Barns -produce a multitude of Milk & Cheese products
  •       Poultry Large Farms plus ‘Contract Growers’ – wholesome Eggs & Poultry
  •       Sheep Farms and Barns – meat & wool
  •       Horse Stables and pastures-valuable Horses
  •       Swine Barns – heart valves for surgery
  •       Vineyards – Wine (e.g. Organic) & table Grapes
  •       Orchards– Nut Trees – Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios parts-per-million to dangerous levels.
  •       Fruit Crops — Strawberries, Raspberries, Kiwi, Blueberries
  •       Hay and corn Fields — animal feeds into the Food Chain
  •       Vegetables Crops ( 35+ )
  • Organic Farmers & Home Gardeners – practice Sustainable Agriculture.  Please NO Fluoride!  Or, say, Goodbye!…to the Organic Farmers Markets in Stanislaus County?
  •       Aquaculture – Fish raising in local Ponds – Fluoride in Streams & Ponds Injures or Kills Fish.
  •       Bean crops – Lima, Dried Beans